SUMP GASKET (Triumph Spitfire) (1962- 80)

SUMP GASKET (Triumph Spitfire) (1962- 80)
3.95 inc vat

Here's a new Sump Gasket for the following models from Triumph -





Triumph Spitfire Mk1       (1962- 65)

Triumph Spitfire MK2      (1965- 67)

Triumph Spitfire Mk3      (1967- 70)

Triumph Spitfire MKIV    (1970- 74)

Triumph Spitfire 1500     (1974- 80)



This gasket fits between the engine block and the oil sump, the oil sump is easy to unbolt and there it uses this simple rectangle shaped gasket.


If you take your engine apart you'll need to replace this gasket or if you have an oil leak the chances are the oil is coming from the place where this gasket fits.


When you are fitting this gasket you should ensure both surfaces are clean and free or old gasket. Don't overtighten the bolts and you should also be very careful with the front two as they are going into aluminium.


This gasket will be sent with cardboard to stop it bending, it only suits the above 4 cylinder models.