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RUBBER DOUGHNUTS x2 (Hillman Imp) (1963- 76)

RUBBER DOUGHNUTS x2 (Hillman Imp) (1963- 76)
27.50 inc vat

Here's a pair of new Rubber Doughnuts ( Rotoflex Drive Couplings ) for the Hillman Imp and it's variants. (Imp Sport / Stiletto / Chamois etc.)







Hillman California 875cc

Hillman Imp 875cc

Hillman Stilletto 875cc

Singer Chamois 875cc


Hillman Husky 875cc  (Inc Van)

Hillman Husky 1.4       (Inc Van)


Sunbeam Imp Sport




(These are not Metallastic brand which are x4 times the price).


These Rubber Doughnuts are located on the inner ends of the driveshafts, they should be inspected twice yearly.


They come already 'compressed' with the steel bands round them.



For those of you wanting to fit this on a kit car, the diameter is -

9.2cm (Measured across the doughnut between the centres of two holes).