PEDAL RUBBERS x2 (Triumph GT6) (Mk1 & Mk2) (1966- 70 Only)

PEDAL RUBBERS x2 (Triumph GT6) (Mk1 & Mk2) (1966- 70 Only)
2.50 inc vat

Here's a new pair of Pedal Rubber Pads (x2) for the followiong models from Triumph  -





Triumph GT6    (1966- 70 Only)

(Mk1 & Mk2 Only)



They are new and unused and made of rubber, they come with the 'T' logo on the front and they are exactly the same as those that were fitted to your Triumph at the factory.


These will fit on the brake or the clutch pedal and require no glue or anything - The auction is for the pair so you can replace both.


Very handy to prevent your foot slipping off the clutch / brake as the old pedal rubbers wear away and expose the metal pedal beneath.