DOOR RUBBER SEALS x2 (Triumph Herald & Vitesse) (Convertable)

DOOR RUBBER SEALS x2 (Triumph Herald & Vitesse) (Convertable)
16.50 inc vat

Here's some Door Seals for the following models from Triumph-




Triumph Herald     (Convertable)

Triumph Vitesse    (Convertable)




These are coloured black and are made of rubber with a foam bubble at the side.

You are bidding for enough seal for BOTH SIDES, the trim is long enough to go all round the both doors as is required for all these models.

The material is new and unused.

These have metal clips inside the rubber so they do not require glue or rivets to fit - they just press on.

Fitting this kit will help prevent the door and it's contents rattling and make the interior a bit quieter and a bit more leak proof. The door will also sound much better when closed.

The photo shows the material and the end profile so you can see what it's like.